Conference Scheduler

Conference Scheduler is a WordPress plugin designed to easily manage and display complex workshop schedules for conferences and similar events, and also provide information about the workshops on your website. Create and manage details about your workshops using the standard WordPress admin interface and display it all on any page of your site with a simple shortcode.


  • Add and edit workshops in the standard WordPress admin
  • Collects and displays important information about each workshop: workshop code, time, location, description, presenter, presenter bio, participant limit.
  • Add files to workshops – lets you easily distribute presentation files or other reference material
  • Handles parallel sessions
  • Categorize workshops into streams and areas with tags
  • Search and filter workshop listings on the front end for easy access
  • Favorite workshops on the front-end so delegates can build their ideal conference schedule
  • Responsive design means your schedule looks and works great on all devices – delegates can quickly pull out their phone at any time to check the schedule or workshop info.


Install and activate the Conference Scheduler plugin from the WordPress Plugins Directory.


  1. Setup Sessions – Conference Scheduler manages workshop timings using Sessions. Enter all possible workshop sessions on the ‘Conference -> Sessions’ screen of the WordPress admin. Name each session and specify start date/time and session length. Sessions can be nested to easily organize complex schedules (eg. a one hour session with two 30min sessions in parallel).
  2. Setup Streams and Areas – if your conference has defined streams it’s best to define these tags first so you can apply them to workshops. You can also create new tags when entering workshops if you think of new ones later.
  3. Enter Workshop data


Display your full conference schedule on your website by adding the following shortcode to any page of your site:


Customizing Display:

Conference Scheduler has been designed with a minimal set of CSS rules that should make it look good in most themes, but it’s also easy to add custom CSS to your theme to change the way the workshops render.

If you need help themeing Conference Scheduler to match your theme, get in touch, and I’d be happy to help for a small fee.

Using Conference Scheduler:

Conference Scheduler creates a collapsable tree of dates and sessions which can be collapsed/expanded by clicking/tapping on their title.

By default, workshops hide their description and presenter bio. To view/hide these, just click/tap on the workshop.

Searching: Conference Scheduler comes with a search bar which includes select menus to filter workshops by Streams or Areas, as well as a search box which searches in workshop title and presenter fields.

Picks:¬†Conference Scheduler allows visitors to “pick” workshops by clicking on the star in the top-left corner of the workshop. Picked workshops will rise to the beginning of their session for easy access. Additionally, the “Show My Picks” button in the Conference Scheduler search bar will show only picked workshops so you can quickly see only what you’re interested in. To un-pick a workshop, simply click/tap on the star again.

Picked workshops are stored as a cookie on the device and are thus saved between visits.

Feature Requests:

If there is a particular feature that you’d like to see in Conference Scheduler, let me know and I’ll consider adding it. Features ¬†currently in consideration for future versions include:

  • Saving picks to a user profile rather than device cookie
  • An options page allowing easy changing of key workshop display styles (text colour, background colour, border etc.)
  • Options for initial collapse/show state for Dates/Sessions
  • Shortcode options to display only certain dates or sessions.